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Lewes Yacht Club
Lewes, Delaware
______________________________ Founded 1932 _______________________________
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Joining fees to be anticipated when offered a membership to the Lewes Yacht Club:

First year REGULAR membership:

Required Stock (100 Shares)

Initiation fee

Current Annual Membership Fee

REGULAR Membership (each year, after first year):

Annual dues, plus Dining Minimum

- includes immediate family members, under the age of 30 years old.

- individual/single members may add a "designated member" with BOD approval only.


Senior Membership (each year, after first year):

Reduced Dues, no dining minimum

- must be 75 yrs old before 01/01 each year. 

- Senior proof of age is required by mail for the first year


Leave of Absence 

- NO Member privileges

- All must be reviewed and approved by the Board.

- LOA of up to 3 years, non-consecutive, may be taken during a member’s lifetime.

Annual Dues period each year is from October 1 – 31

A late fee is added from November 1-30

 All above fees and requirements are estimated and are subject to change with LYC Board approval. 


New Members’ FAQs:

  1. What are dining minimums? This is a charge each membership pays beginning with their second year of membership. The dining minimum, paid at the time of dues billing, is credited to your LYC “swipe” card (you pick up the swipe card from our Dining Room Hostess, or from the Club manager). It is a pre-payment for food and drink at LYC to encourage our members to use the bar and dining room. The Swipe cards are to be reused, so don’t discard yours at the end of the year!

  2. How does one make Dining Room reservations? Call 645-8596 and leave your name, requested date/time, the number in your party and a call back number. A staff member will return your call to confirm the reservation. Requests for specific tables will be considered but it may be impossible to honor everyone’s requests. Call early!

  3. Do I need to bring my membership card with me when I use the Club? Yes, our staff can’t possibly remember everyone’s face and has no idea if you have paid your dues. They are instructed to ask to see everyone’s card, no exceptions.

  4. How can I/we become involved in our Club? Either call the Committee Chair if you have a specific interest or attend the monthly Board meetings (open to all members) and see where LYC has a need of the kind of help you can give.

  5. Who can run for office at LYC? Any member in good standing in the LYC may run for any elected position at LYC. Please contact the Leadership Development Committee to let them know of your intentions and to find out what is necessary to be put on the ballot. Check your Bylaws to see which positions are elected.

  6. May I bring guests? Yes. You may bring guests an unlimited number of times to the Clubhouse for dining. However, the pool and Marina have different regulations, so it would be wise to check those before bringing guests to those areas.

  7. May I have private parties at LYC? Yes, but generally not during the season (about mid June to Labor Day). Call the Club manager (645-8596, choose the Club Manager prompt) and she’ll discuss all the details with you.

  8. Can I go to other clubs now that I am a member at LYC? Yes, there is a book at the upstairs bar with the national list of clubs offering reciprocity. You will need your membership card (your card is valid from January 1 to December 31) even though our fiscal “year” is Oct 1 to Sept 30.

  9. Can I sail in the Sunday races? Anyone can sail so long as they have a Sunfish or Mobjack (our two current classes that race). You may rent a sunfish from the Club for a nominal fee if you don’t own one. Just contact the sailing school (645- 5582). The races generally start at Noon and finish about 2:30-3:00PM. Big boat racing is also on Sundays at a slightly different time.

  10. I don’t sail; can I get lessons? Yes, call the sailing school and they can set up adult or child lessons. These lessons are open to nonmembers, as well as members, of almost all ages. There are also week-long Junior Sailing School sessions in the summer.

  11. I have my own boat; can I get a slip at the Club? Yes, if you live long enough! The list is long and moves slowly. The waiting period is approximately ten years at present. Contact Greg Weer (302) 645.2710 or stop by the Marina to sign up. You must be a member to be on the list. The Marina phone number is 645.8525.

  12. May I store my boat at the Club if I don’t have a slip? You may leave your trailer/vehicle at the Club in the designated parking area across from the main entrance while you are out in your boat. Overnight parking of your rig (unless you are out night fishing) is not permitted, nor is off-season storage during the fall and winter months. This area is reserved for boat trailers and their pulling vehicle only!

  13. I have heard there is a water aerobics group, how can I get involved? Call the pool office and they will give you all the details.

  14. How do I get my child on the swim team? There is a link on the web site to contact the swim team and to enroll on line.

  15. Is our pool protected by lifeguards? Yes, we have fully certified life guards on duty while the pool is open. Additionally, there is a new system that will warn of lightning and thunderstorms in the area so the pool can be cleared of people before the storm hits.

  16. May I run a tab and be billed for my Club expenses (or my dues) at the end of each month, at the end of the Club year? No, there are no tabs allowed at LYC. Payment is due at the time the service has been rendered and all bills are due when presented. Virtually all of our billing people are volunteers. This keeps costs down but also restricts privileges like running a tab.

  17. If I have a suggestion for the Club, how can I make it heard? The best way is to come to the monthly Board meetings and say your piece during the time set aside for member input. You can also call or write the appropriate Committee Chair. Member input is greatly appreciated!

  18. May I buy some the art work on display at the Club? Usually you may. Ask the Dining Room staff or contact the artist directly to see what is available.

  19. Does the Club have special events during the off-season? Yes, there are several parties such as New Year’s Eve, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Lasagna dinners, and others. Watch your newsletter, the web site and the “Quick Notes” for the details. There is usually something scheduled at least once a month.

  20. I have children who might want to become members. Will they get priority? Yes. Any child under 30 gets priority over those on the Wait List. There is also a reduction in joining fees. Check the Membership Rules under “Children of Members” for all the details.

  21. I know very few members at the Club; how can I meet people? One way is to simply hang out at the Club. Joining a committee is a good way to make new friends – just check with the Chair and see if they can use a hand.

  22. I am interested in Yoga (or art lessons, writing, dancing, Lewes history, etc.); is a group doing this at LYC? Not at the moment BUT you can form your own group to get things started. Put a notice in the newsletter, in Quick Notes, on the web site, or on our bulletin board. Get some names of those also interested and then contact the House Committee.

 More information can be directed to our Membership Chair:

2701 Cedar Street
P.O. Box 2
Lewes, DE 19958-0002
Roosevelt Inlet Coordinates:  38 47.94 N, 75 09.29 W