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Lewes Yacht Club
Lewes, Delaware
______________________________ Founded 1932 _______________________________

LYC Rules

Membership Rules

Membership Committee


CLUB FEES (fees are subject to change)

New Member (first year):

Stock (100 shares)                        $  500.00

Initiation fee                                   $5000.00

Membership Dues                         $1600.00

Annual Membership Fees:

Membership Dues:   $1600.00 (add $50 for credit card convenience fee)

Clubhouse (Dining) Minimum:   $ 200.00 (not applicable for first year members)

Late Fee if paid after October 31:   $ 200.00

Leave of Absence Fee per Year:   $ 350.00 (maximum of 3 LOA during membership)

Payment of the annual dues by a member entitles the member, spouse, and/or immediate family (children under the age of 30) to the use, during scheduled hours, of the clubhouse, pool, sailing facilities and boat ramp. Certain Club facilities (such as the pool and the marina) have special rules for other family members such as grandchildren.

Consult the appropriate rules for the details.


Voting in the club is based on shares of stock owned.

LYC will accept credit card payment of dues/minimum bills (only Visa or Mastercard).  There will be a convenience fee added to the amount owed to cover expenses incurred with each credit card payment of membership fees.


In memberships resulting from a divorce, the new member will be required to purchase the required 100 shares of stock.
The stock is redeemable within one year after resignation. When a member relinquishes their membership, the stock will be redeemed.



  1. LYC admits new members without regard to national origin, race, religious preference, gender, or gender preference. If there is a written expression of concern by a member of LYC (which shall be kept strictly confidential ) that a proposed new member would not be compatible with the current membership, the Membership Committee and the Board will consider that concern before granting membership status. The Membership Committee and/or the Board of Directors may require an interview of any applicant or their sponsors before approving a membership. Should the applicant be rejected by the Board as a new member, a letter will be written by the Membership Chairman and the Commodore informing the applicant of the Board’s action and all monies submitted by the applicant during the membership process will be returned to the applicant.
  2. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the next 40-50 names on the waiting list will be advertised in the newsletter as potential new members. The membership will be strongly encouraged to provide the Board and/or the Membership Committee with feedback on any name on the advertised list.
  3. An invitation to join the Club will be extended by US mail. A membership will be granted, without further advertisement, when a completed, satisfactory application with the appropriate fees has been received and the Board has voted its approval of the applicant.
  4. No person can become a member of the Club on his own unless he/she has reached the age of 18 years.
  5. All fees owed by a member are due and payable at the time of service or at the time of presentation of a bill.
  6. Persons eligible for Joint Memberships in the Lewes Yacht Club must be married couples as recognized by the State of Delaware.
  7. Membership rights belong only to the individual(s) whose name(s) is/are on the Lewes Yacht Club stock certificate. Lewes Yacht Club memberships are not transferable.


A single member may apply to the Board of Directors for another unmarried individual to be recognized as their “Designated Member”. This request must be in writing and sent to the Membership Chair, Lewes Yacht Club, P.O. Box 2, Lewes, DE 19958 for approval by the Board.

“Designated Members” have all the privileges and responsibilities of a regular member except as below:

1. The “Designated Member may not vote in LYC elections/committees.

2. The “Designated Member” may not hold an LYC office

3. The “Designated Member” may not sponsor new LYC members

4. The “ Designated Member” may not designate a “special guest”

5. The “Designated Member” may not pass on (or retain) their membership

privileges when their relationship with the LYC member ends.

6. The Designated Member may not change or affect any membership status.

7. Children of “Designated Members” are not eligible for Legacy status.



The club membership has a maximum number of Active memberships. Life memberships, Senior memberships and members on Leave of Absence do not count towards the maximum membership number. A waiting list for memberships is maintained by the Membership Committee. There is a nonrefundable fee for a name to be placed on the Waiting List. A person on the waiting list has no membership privileges.


As membership vacancies occur, the persons on the waiting list (on a “first-come first-served” basis) are invited to submit membership application forms along with the initiation fee, first year’s dues and total purchase of one hundred (100) shares of stock. All fees are subject to change. The fees in effect when a person is placed on the waiting list and the fees in effect when a person becomes eligible for membership MAY NOT be the same. Fees current at the time of invitation will be required of a new member. An applicant may decline the membership invitation and ask to be placed at the bottom of the waiting list once without payment of an additional fee. If an applicant declines to either join LYC or to be placed at the bottom of the waiting list, then the fee paid to be placed on the waiting list is forfeited by the applicant and the applicant’s name will be dropped from any further consideration for membership.



Membership Application must be in the name or names of those listed on the Wait List.

When submitting a membership application and the required fees (annual dues, stock purchase and initiation fees; exceptions pertaining to Legacy memberships, see below “Children of Members”), the applicant must have two members in good standing sign as his sponsors (each of the two sponsoring members must have a separate membership number). The applicant must complete a brief autobiographical sketch and submit it with the application. The applicant’s sponsors may be asked to submit written statements regarding the applicant.  All new memberships will be approved by the Board of Directors.



Shortly after the passing of the due date for paying all fees, (October 31; electronic payment or postmark) a delinquent member will be notified by certified mail and or e-mail (the Second Notice) that he/she will be dropped from the Club rolls unless full payment (including the penalty fee) is received before the date specified in the notice. The Second Notice will show the amount due including a penalty fee. The member must pay the amount due shown on the Second notice, in full, before the due date specified. Partial payments will not be accepted. If a member sends in an amount less than the total amount specified in the Second Notice, that payment will be refused and returned to the member by mail, advising the member that the full amount must be paid by the due date that was specified in the Second Notice. If feasible, electronic (e-mail) notification of annual fees delinquency will be attempted. If the member fails to pay the full amount due by the date specified in the Second Notice, the member will be dropped from membership without further notice. If a member loses their membership in this manner and wishes to renew their membership, they must meet all the requirements of a new member including being placed on the waiting list for membership and paying initiation fees at the time their name comes up for invitation.



The child of any member of LYC who is under the age of 30 years may seek membership at any time and will be given priority for membership over those who are on the Waiting List. The Legacy child will be required to pay 50% of the Initiation fee, 100 shares of Club stock at the current rate, and the applicable annual dues.

The child must meet all other requirements for membership. All Legacy privileges end onthe child’s 30th birthday.

Yearly dues for those joining as a Legacy child will be pro-rated as per the following schedule:

Joining in: % of current year’s dues to pay:

Jan-May 100%

June 80%

July 60%

August 40%

September 20%

Oct-Dec 10%

If a prorated amount ends with .01 to $5.00 it is rounded to $5.00 and amounts ending with $5.01 to $9.99 are rounded up to the next $10.00. This means all prorated amounts will end with a 5 or 0 with no pennies. For example $785.12 becomes $790.00 and $784.12 becomes $785.00.  If a legacy joins as a leave of absence the full LOA annual fee would apply without proration and requires Board approval.



A joint membership consisting of a married couple may be split into two separate memberships upon dissolution of the marriage. The affected person(s) must notify the Membership Committee that he or she wishes to continue with a separate membership BEFORE the end of the membership year (December 31) in which the dissolution becomes final. Each party may retain their membership without regard to the waiting list and is not required to pay an initiation fee, but is required to pay the annual membership fees for each single membership. The two separate memberships are each required to have 100 shares of stock.



A Leave of Absence of up to three years (not necessarily consecutive years) may be taken by any member during that member’s lifetime.  Members who are on active military duty may take unlimited Leaves of Absence. 


While on Leave of Absence, the member will pay an annual fee (subject to the same late fee requirements as described above). During a Leave of Absence, a member or any member of their family may NOT use the Club facilities except as a guest of a member. Such guest privileges are subject to the “six visit rule” as with any other guest.  During a Leave of Absence, a member’s Marina Privileges (i.e. their position on the waiting list for a slip and/or continuation of slip rental) will be at the discretion of the Marina Committee with Board approval. Leaves of Absence will commence at the start of the membership year for one year and may not be started at any other time. Upon return from a Leave of Absence, the member is responsible for any assessments or stock issues occurring during the period of the Leave of Absence. Members on Leave of Absence will not be counted amongst the rolls of Active Members for purposes of determining the limits of club membership. Special exceptions may be granted by the Board. 


All Leaves of Absence must be reviewed and approved by the Board.



Members who, for reasons beyond their control, terminate their membership in the Club within two years of paying their initiation fees, may petition the Board for return of a portion of the initiation fee. The decision whether to refund any portion of the initiation

fee is totally within the discretion of the Board and their decision will be final.


Individuals whose membership has been terminated and subsequently seek admission to the Club shall be required to meet the full requirements of a new member and they will not receive priority in membership when an opening occurs.



Members of other Yacht Clubs having a reciprocal agreement with the Lewes Yacht Club are entitled to visit the Lewes Yacht Club six (6) times per calendar year.



1. At least one member of a membership must be at least 75 years of age

2. Senior members will not be responsible for a food minimum

3. Senior members will retain all the rights and privileges of an Active member

4. Senior members will not be counted as Active members for purposes of determining membership limits.

5. Senior members’ dues will be less than the dues of Active members

6. Senior members may be assessed, as may Active members, at the discretion of the Board of Directors

7. It will be the responsibility of the potential Senior Member to notify the Membership Committee, in writing, of their qualifications to be granted Senior Membership (proof of age such as driver’s license).

8. Should a new member qualify for Senior Membership upon joining the LYC, they will be required to pay all the joining fees and dues of an Active member.

9. In the event of the death of a Senior Member, the privileges of Senior Membership shall pass on to the surviving spouse unless the surviving spouse remarries and neither person of that union qualifies for Senior Membership. In that case the surviving spouse and the new spouse will become Active, not Senior, members.


For purposes of billing, a Senior Membership must be 75 years of age on or before January 1 of the current membership year. Those qualifying as Senior Members may notify the Membership Committee at the time of billing by providing proof of age with a driver’s license or equivalent. No pro-ration of Senior Membership dues will be allowed.



1. Active dues paying member for no less than 15 years and at least 75 years of age at the time of his/her nomination for Life Membership.

2. Must have performed exemplary service over the individual’s membership in the Lewes Yacht Club which will be summarized by the Life member’s sponsor at the time of a written proposal of the member for life membership.

3. It is recommended no more than 1 Life Membership may be granted in any Club year.

4. Life Members will not be counted as Active Members when deciding to admit a new member from the waiting list

5. To become a Life Member, a candidate must have a 2/3 vote of all of the Board of Directors.

6. Life members will be proposed to the Board of Directors annually at the August meeting of the Board so they may be introduced as Life Members at the Annual Meeting of the Membership.

7. Any member of LYC may propose a member of LYC for Life Membership providing such proposal is submitted in writing to the Membership Committee no later than June 15. This proposal is to include not only the identity of the person to be considered for Life Membership but also a detailed justification for granting Life Membership.

8. It is suggested that the Board discuss and vote on Life Members in Executive Session. The Membership committee will ascertain that the candidate for Life Membership is willing to accept the honor if it is offered.

9. Life Members will not be required to pay annual dues, and clubhouse (dining) minimums but will be required to participate in any stock purchase payments or assessments required by the Board.



No person shall be entitled to the privileges of the Club, or be admitted to the Clubhouse or grounds, unless they are a member of the Club or have been introduced as a guest in accordance with these Membership Rules.


Guests of the Club are those persons who may be admitted to the grounds or to the Clubhouse when accompanied by a member. An individual member may bring up to seven guests to the Club at any one time


No member to whom the privileges and use of the Club have been denied, no member suspended, no former member expelled from the Club under these Membership rules and no individual denied Membership in the Club (includes those individuals urged by the Board to withdraw their name from consideration for Club membership in the probability of denial of Club membership by the Board) shall be entitled to the privileges of a guest.


Individuals denied Membership (see previous sentence) may attend functions at LYC that are open to the public (such as private parties, the craft show, swimming competitions in which family members are competing, sailing races and lessons).


A Member shall be responsible for the conduct of, and for the debts to the Club incurred

by any person introduced as their guest.


Any member in good standing, excepting those who are an Leave of Absence, may bring a guest to LYC to use any of the Club’s facilities providing that they accompany the guest at all times while the guest is on LYC property. Members may bring guests to the Clubhouse for dining as frequently as they wish. Please see Pool & Marina rules for clarification of their regulations.


Legacy Spouse

A “Legacy Child” (child who is under 30 years of age, and whose parents are LYC members), who is married or the parents of said “Legacy Child” may request “Legacy Spouse” privileges for the spouse of the “Legacy Child”. This privilege will expire when

the “Legacy Child reaches 30 years of age or if the “Legacy Child” becomes an active member of the LYC. The “Legacy Spouse” will have all the privileges and responsibilities of the “Legacy Child” member.


Grandchildren of Members

Grandchildren of members under the age of 18 years shall treated as members as long as they are physically accompanied by a member grandparent


When a member desires to contract for the use of the Club facilities for specific events, the member may do so by contacting the appropriate Committee. The fee set by the Board of Directors will be the rental fee charged the member for the event.


Guidelines for Managing Member Complaints & Screening of New Member Applicants

The following are to be used as guidelines in deliberations concerning complaints brought by any LYC member, Committee, or the LYC Board against a member. They are also for use in considering any applicant for membership about whom there is a concern regarding that individual’s acceptability as a member of LYC. The list of issues is NOT to be considered all inclusive NOR are the possible actions listed to be considered all the actions that may be required by the Board of Directors.



1. Conviction of nonviolent crime- A, B, C, D, E

2. Repeated convictions of nonviolent crime-A, B, C, D, E

3. Conviction of violent crime- D, E

4. Conviction of child abuse or molestation- D, E

5. Abuse of LYC staff or LYC regulations- A, B, E

6. Repeated abuse of LYC staff or LYC regulations- B, C, D

7. Nonpayment of monies owed by a member to LYC- A, B, C, D

8. Physical confrontation on LYC grounds- A, B, C, D, E

9. Repeated physical confrontation on LYC grounds- C, D, E

10. Adverse notoriety that names LYC or involves LYC- A, B, C, D, E

11. More than one letter of reprimand in five years- C, D

12. More than one suspension in a five year period- D


Actions- A- No action

B- Letter of Reprimand

C- Suspension (up to one year)

D- Expulsion

E- Denial of Membership


Updated: November 2015, designated member rule change and annual dues credit card fee added
Updated: August 19, 2018, remove tax advice listed with par valued stock, change stock and initiation fees, all new members will pay the same joining fees for an Active membership with the exception of Legacy applicants.

2701 Cedar Street
P.O. Box 2
Lewes, DE 19958-0002
Roosevelt Inlet Coordinates:  38 47.94 N, 75 09.29 W