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Lewes Yacht Club
Lewes, Delaware
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LYC Rules

Youth Protection Policy

Youth Committee



Youth Protection Code of Conduct and Rules for Lewes Yacht Club Employees, Members and Guests

Respect, courtesy, and safety for all youth under the age of 18 on Lewes Yacht Club (LYC) property is extremely important at all times. LYC has a firm commitment to these principles and the following are to be adhered to by all persons while on LYC property. A copy of this Code and Rules is available at LYC in the house manager’s office and the pool office or on the LYC website.


Members, guests, employees, and participants in any LYC activity will not subject youths to any types of harassment which include:

  • Physical Abuse to strike, spank, shake, slap or hold against the Child’s will
  • Verbal Abuse – to humiliate, degrade or threaten
  • Sexual Abuse – to inappropriately touch or have a sexual verbal exchange with or in the presence of youth
  • Mental Abuse – to shame, be cruel or to bully Any of these types of abuse will not be tolerated at LYC. Immediate action will be taken to address any instances of such conduct, up to and including removal of the offending individual from LYC property. If necessary, LYC personnel will contact law enforcement personnel to respond to circumstances as appropriate.


Members, guests, employees, and participants in any LYC activity will:

  1. Respond to youth with respect and consideration in addition to treating all youth equally regardless of gender, race, religion or culture.
  2. Respect an individual’s right to not be touched in ways that make them feel uncomfortable or are unwelcome, and respect their right to say NO. Youth are not to be touched in areas of their bodies that would be covered by a bathing suit or any other part of their body in an inappropriate manner. Nothing contained herein is meant to preclude reasonable restraint of a youth to prevent injury to the youth or others, or discipline by a parent or guardian with authorized disciplinary authority.
  3. Refrain from overt intimate displays of affection towards others in the presence of youth at LYC (such as prolonged kissing or fondling).
  4. Refrain from profanity. Inappropriate jokes and sharing of intimate details of one’s personal life in the presence of youth is prohibited on LYC property or at any LYC sponsored event.
  5. Refrain from any harassment of youth on LYC property or at any LYC sponsored event.
  6. In addition, for employees and members involved in supervision of youth activities the following rules will apply (the term “supervision” shall apply to all situations where a child is under the control or direction of a LYC employee, such as activities that do not require the presence of a parent or guardian):
    • At no time during a LYC sponsored program or activity may an employee or supervisory LYC member be alone with a individual youth in an area of the Club where they cannot be observed by others (for example, a bathroom stall, closet, office or any other room without windows).
    • At no time shall a youth in a LYC sponsored program or activity be left unsupervised.
    • A supervisory person will make sure a restroom is not occupied by a suspicious or unknown person before allowing a child under their supervision to use the facility.
    • Under no circumstances should any supervisory person release a child from any LYC-sponsored activity to anyone other than the authorized parent, guardian or other adult duly authorized in writing by the parent or guardian.


All perceived violations of this code of conduct will be reported and investigated per established procedures as listed below. Copies of these procedures are posted at LYC and on the website. An incident report shall be completed immediately and given to the person listed in the procedure. Blank copies of the incident report are kept in the Club manager’s office, pool office and the sailing desk. Contact an appropriate supervisory employee within these areas for a form. A completed form needs to be submitted to the Commodore immediately. All alleged incidents will be immediately investigated. There will be no reprisals against anyone for making allegations or inquiries concerning harassment of youth. A copy of the incident report form must also be sent to the LYC’s liability insurance agent within 24 hours of the alleged incident.



  1. Complete the Incident form.
  2. Deliver copies of the form to the Commodore.
  3. Acknowledgement of the report will be sent to the victim and alleged accused.
  4. Matters of a potential criminal nature will be immediately reported to local law enforcement officials.
  5. A thorough investigation will be made by Club officials and the results of the investigation in addition to any action recommended will be sent to the appropriate parties.
  6. Other action as deemed appropriate by Club officials may be taken.
  7. Recommended actions may be appealed to the Board of Directors.


A substantiated violation of the Youth Protection Code of Conduct by a member may subject the member to any of the following:

1. Written Reprimand

2. Sanction

3. Loss of use of all or part of the club for a specified period of time

4. Revocation of membership

5. Reporting to local law enforcement officials


A substantiated violation by a guest may subject the person to removal from LYC property, disallowance of future visits to LYC and report to local law enforcement authorities. Since a member is responsible for the actions of his or her guest, a violation of the Youth Protection Code of Conduct and Rules by a guest may subject the member to the first four penalties listed above.


As a screening tool for all employees and committee members who may have direct contact with youth in LYC-sponsored activities, a full national background check including a criminal record check will be conducted on each person. The background check must be updated every 3 years for continuing employees and applicable committee members. No other criminal background check may be substituted for the one conducted by LYC.


Employees and committee members, who may have direct contact with youth at the LYC or LYC sponsored events, shall sign acknowledgment of this policy. The signed form will be retained in the LYC personnel or member file.

Approved as amended on May 19, 2013 by the LYC Board of Directors. 


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